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Ontario G1 Signs Practice Quiz

By taking this online version of G1 practice test, you can find out how you will do on the G1 Test. This test is good practice for your real G1 Signs and Rules test offer by MTO.

  1. Do not Enter

    Do not enter

    Keep to left

    Keep to right

    Do not pass

  2. Bicycle Crossing

    Only bicycle permitted ahead

    Bicycle crossing ahead

    Bicycle parking here

    Bicycle not allowed ahead

  3. Do not turn left

    Do not turn left during the times shown

    Do not turn right during the times shown

    Do not make a U turn

    You may turn left only during the time shown

  4. No Stopping

    Need no stop for stop signs in direction of arrows

    Vehicles approaching from the angle shown, must stop

    No entry into intersection

    No stopping

  5. Do not turn Right

    Do not turn left

    Only right turn allowed

    Do not turn right

    Do not turn right when facing a red light at the intersection

  6. Slight Bend

    Winding road ahead

    Right turn allowed

    Right turn only

    Slight bend or curve in the road ahead

  7. Right Lane Must Exit

    You may exit if you remain in right hand lane

    You must drive in right lane under any circumstances

    You must exit if you remain in right hand lane

    End of highway, you must move into right hand lane

  8. Stop Sign

    Stop only if others vehicles are approaching

    Bump sign 150 meters

    Stop sign 150 meters

    Stop all times

  9. Bump Sign

    Bridge or Viaduct

    Factory, slow down

    Bump or uneven pavement

    Construction zone

  10. Max Speed 50 Km

    Speed limit for rural school zones

    Maximum speed of 50 km/hour from this sign to next sign

    End of 50 km per hour zone

    Maximum speed of 50 km/hour ahead

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